RE: Wildlife Allocation Policy Protest
MONDAY March 2, 2015 Legislature Lawn 11am – 1pm!
Fellow conservationists, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts, the VFGPA wants to make sure that you are aware of the following:
On Dec 10, 2014 the Provincial Government put in place a new Wildlife Allocation Policy that removes significant hunting opportunity from resident hunters in favor of commercial hunting interests. Under this policy guide outfitters will receive 20% – 40% of all allocated wildlife. This shift represents a huge increase over historical guide outfitter allocation shares, takes food off the tables of BC families, and opens up more trophy hunting opportunities for foreign visitors!
The largest percentage of the annual allowable harvest that other jurisdictions provide for non-residents is only 10%. We ask why BC’s guide outfitters deserve so much more?
Equally and perhaps more importantly, there is language in the new policy that opens the door for Guide Outfitters to close “their”
territory tenures restricting access for BC recreational users e.g., hunters, hikers, snowmobilers, ATV riders, bird watchers, cross country skiers etc. Our right to access the back country can not be further eroded!! We can NOT let this stand!
What you can do?
Immediately write a brief letter to Premier Christy Clark, Minister Thomson, and your MLA regardless of which party they may represent.
Simply state that you are concerned about the Thomson Allocation Policy and that you want it rescinded, reviewed, and the previously agreed upon 2007 allocation policy to be reinstated.
Attend the peaceful and respectful protest rally scheduled for March 2, 2015 on the lawns of the legislature between 11am and 1 pm. We have all the permits in place for this legal protest and do not foresee any issues of concern.
Last month over 1200 concerned residents marched on Christy Clark’s office in West Kelowna, and a large rally was held in Prince George during a cabinet visit. Dozens of public information sessions have been held around the Province. There have been news articles published in local, Provincial, and national papers, dozens of talk shows on radio have happened too. So far the Government has essentially ignored us! There are over 100,000 hunters and their families, and over a million bc residents that like to use the back country for their recreation! We need a large turn out at the protest on March 2…. PLEASE take an hour off work, or book out for a half day and get yourself and your friends down to the legislature.
Attending the protest will be the single most important contribution your can make to the future of hunting and access to the back country you can make this year! For your kids and grand kids please make it happen!