Chilliwack Fish and Game is a volunteer organization that requires the support of its membership to achieve its objectives and to provide an outstanding recreational facility that we all can enjoy.  Much needs to be done to get the club up to standard in various areas.  Currently, some essential functions are not being performed because there is nobody to do them and/or those responsible for them are overtasked.
Work in a Club such as ours is normally done via committees which are groups of people committed to a specific aspect of club activity.  These committees are not necessarily large and are comprised of mutually supporting members, under supervision of the Board, who advise the Board on their area of focus.
The key to being successful is to spread the effort around to a large number of volunteers so the work involved for each person is manageable for somebody who already has commitments, such as work and family.  The Board therefore is recruiting volunteers to build the capacity required and the first step is to create these committees.  Below are position descriptions for committee chairpersons we are seeking and would welcome hearing from any interested members.
Range Committee Chairperson

  • Serves as Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the club’s Range Rules
  • Provides direction to members and counsel to the Board on any issues of range safety within the context of law and policy governing the activities of the club.
  • Ensures ranges have all the necessary equipment such as targets, etc. and that they are in good repair so that that members will be able to enjoy the facility to the greatest extent possible.
  • Inspects range for deficiencies and damage and reports such to the caretaker and Board with plans for corrective action.
  • Involved with range inspections and government compliance issues.
  • Develops proposals for range maintenance and enhancements.
  • Heads a committee whose members assist with the above.

Security Committee Chairperson
Given the Club does not have full time employees supervising shooters there has been a number of incidents where range property has been damaged, garbage and spent casings were left on ranges, unauthorized persons have been allowed in by members, etc.  To address this the club has a system of cameras and electronic sign in/out.

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of an overall security plan of the club.
  • Upon being advised of an issue, investigate it using the camera and sign in data and interviewing relevant individuals in order to provide a report of findings to the Board.  The board will then take appropriate corrective action.
  • Make recommendations regarding security for ranges and the clubhouse.
  • In conjunction with the Chief Range Safety Officer develop and supervise a patrol plan whereby volunteers regularly inspect the ranges to ensure shooters are members or paid guests, and all range rules are being respected.
  • Heads a committee whose members assist with the above.

IT Committee Chairperson
Chairs IT committee and with the support of that committee:

  • -provides the Board direction and counsel regarding overall IT plan to increase capacity and efficiency
  • -drafts proposals for Board to consider to address issues
  • -hardware needs
  • -knowledge of Cloud sharing
  • -coordinate training of users on front end products
  • -available for consultation by Board
  • -ability to interact with providers (hardware and software) when needed
  • -develops an electronic file system for the storage of club records, etc. 
  • -does not have to develop or troubleshoot software

If you are interested in helping out in the above positions or serving on the committees, please contact Mark Huang at    
For more information on the Range and Security positions contact Vince LeBlanc at  For information on the IT position please contact Morgan Andreassen at