Hi all,
Many members have stated they are eager to help out, but need to know what they can do, and when! I’m working with the webmaster to start a Volunteers Needed/Work Party page that will have upcoming events listed.
In the interim, we do have a few opportunities coming up:
Nov 5th – Indoor Range Clean Up. As detailed in the Newsletter, the Indoor Range Bullet Traps need to be cleaned out. This will start at 0900 on November 5th, and may continue to the 6th if needed. The Club will provide a spaghetti lunch, as well as the buckets, protective gloves and masks needed. Members are asked to bring eye protection, smaller shovels and wrecking bars (if you have them) to help break the material up. Please bring a change of clothes so you aren’t driving home covered in dust!! Volunteers are able to take the lead home to process for casting if they wish! Please contact Andy Gebert at gebert61@live.ca for more details.
Dec 26th (and before) – Annual Steelhead Derby. Once again, Paul Dulong has graciously offered to chair the Derby, but he needs your help! Again, details are in the Newsletter. He requires six or more volunteers the day of (Boxing Day), and could also use help in the days and weeks leading up to the event. This Derby is a great fundraiser for the CFGPA, and helps raise awareness in the local angling community. Contact Paul at pauldulong@telus.net for more details!
What should you do if you want to volunteer but can’t help with either of those dates?? Email Mark Huang at mark_huang_seywerd@yahoo.ca. He is looking to establish a list of members who can help out and will contact you when future events are planned. Please let him know if you have specialized skills or abilities including trades training, computer skills, or if you’re just willing to help your Club be the best it can!