Summer is here! We are back to Weekly on Wednesdays

Effective Wednesday April 17, 2024 we are back to shooting each Wednesday evening from 5:30 PM until shutdown or everyone is done. There is no more 3rd Sunday event until next Fall when darkness falls early.

As usual it is “Weather Permitting”. And like last year I will try to post the final call on the Club’s Facebook page by around 4PM. So if it’s not clear blue skies check the FB page.

Who is Welcome to come out?-

-Shooters of all skill levels from first-timers to advanced are welcome. If you’ve never done this before the more skilled are happy to explain the process and provide some pointers to get you started.

-You don’t need a fancy trap gun.  Any shotgun is OK.  Folks have used short barrel “tactical” type shotguns with good results.   Bring whatever you have and give it a try.

-Guests of members are welcome too.  But if they are first timers please give them a basic firearms safety briefing on basic safety and handling before arriving at the range. Don’t worry about the trap event procedures. We will provide the Trap side once you get there.

-Trap shooters from other clubs are also welcome.  Please note that we are solidly on the “fun” side with our operations.


Please note that acceptable ammo must be regular “Target” or “Sporting” loads that use lead birdshot pellets in the #7 to #9 range.  No steel shot, no magnum or Turkey loads and no bigger or lower number pellets.   The good news is that this type of ammo is the lower-cost option.

Each “Round” is 25 shots long so bring a few full boxes.  The Club does not have ammo for sale.


Each round of 25 clays is $7.   For folks that will join us regularly, we have cards for 5, 10 and 15 rounds to avoid needing to bring cash each time.  The cost of these is $35, $70 and $105.  We do not have facilities for doing online payments at this time.  So please bring cash for now.

Trap Shooting Cards

If you have any other questions you can contact us by email at the address below.

Bruce Matthews

Trap Cards

Pre-Purchase Shooting Cards