Sept 20, 2022, update.


With the range, closure time shifting to 6:30 PM daily trap is now changing back to the Winter schedule.  We will be scheduled for shooting in the morning from 10 to 12 on the third Sunday of each month at the same time as the black powder group.

Be sure to check out the Facebook CF&GPA group page for the  Trap Weather Watch Report notice.  The report will be posted up on the evening before and advise of possible rain and any shutdowns due to snow or other adverse weather conditions that make it impractical or unsafe to shoot the trap event….  I know some of you have to drive a fair way and it’s annoying when it’s for nothing.  So watch the CF&GPA FB page the night before to check that the event is on before the drive.


Who is Welcome to come out?

Shooters of all skill levels from first-timers to advanced are welcome. If you’ve never done this before the more skilled are happy to explain the process and provide some pointers to get you started.  And you don’t need a fancy trap gun.  Any shotgun is OK.  Folks have even used short barrel “tactical” type shotguns.

AMMO- Please note that acceptable shot ammo must be regular “trap” or “sporting” loads of normal velocity with lead birdshot pellets in the #7 to #9 range.  No steel shot, no magnum or Turkey loads and no larger lower number pellets.   “Sets” are 25 shots long so bring a few full boxes.  The Club does not have ammo for sale.

COST- Up to now, the cost per set for the clays has been $5.  But like everything else cost has gone up.  For now, the new cost per set will be going up to $6.  So bring 5’s, 10’s and a good handful of loonies, please.  We will also be starting up a bulk buy a punch card of some form for regulars.

There’s very little out there which can make a person smile like seeing a flying clay turn to dust……  Come on out and join in the fun.  I’ve yet to see a first-time trap shooter go away without a big grin.

Bruce Matthews

Trap Coordinator