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I have received some inquiries about the scheduling of General Membership meetings.
It became apparent that monthly General Membership Meetings no longer served as a viable means for interaction with the vast majority of members.  This was a result of society turning towards the use of technology and the travel distance for many of our members.  As a Board we have responded to this evolving requirement by working to improve our communications via email and electronic newsletters, as well as improving our website.  The response to these efforts has been very positive.
General meetings do serve a purpose, and the Annual General Meeting is required to run our Society, and the Christmas Dinner is a social highlight.  The Board has decided to strike the balance by having two other general membership meetings at strategic times of the year in addition to the AGM and Christmas meeting.  The dates of these meetings will be posted on our website calendar, though the date for these meetings are subject to change depending on renovations.
The Board remains more accessible than ever via email or phone, and we will certainly call a General Membership meeting if circumstances or events warrant.
Nick Bolton, President