We have received two Grants from the Provincial Government and from the FVRD to assist with our renovation plans.
The Club approached our MLA, Mr. Laurie Throness and asked for his assistance in our renovation plans.  Mr. Throness was very supportive and worked hard with us to obtain a Grant of $20,000!
We received a cheque from Mr. Thrones just prior to the Game Dinner.  Those that attended the dinner may have noticed that Mr Throness was in attendance.
On behalf of the Members and Board I would like to thank Mr. Throness for his assistance and look forward to working with him again!
I would also like to thank club member Mr. Magdy Conyd who worked with Director Vince LeBlanc on this matter.  Mr Conyd’s help was instrumental to the success of this grant application.
We had also approached the FVRD for assistance with the renovation costs.
Mr. Orion Engar, Director of Area E , which includes the Club House and range,  assisted us greatly in obtaining a grant of $5,000.  Mr. Engar is no stranger to many of you and has worked with the Club on a number of issues.
On behalf of the Members and the Board I would like to thank Mr. Engar for his assistance.  We look forward to working with the FVRD into the future.