Well another electoral year is coming to a close… Where did the time go ?
It has been a very busy and successful year, and many thanks goes to the Board of Directors who have worked very diligently in a number of
challenging areas.
The Board has managed to finally complete a number of major projects:
  • Our archery range is now open
  • The Rifle Range project is complete
  • Pistol Pads renewal and shelter construction are complete
  • Work parties were organized to take care of construction and maintenance issues.
  • security of the range has been improved with the installation of a new camera system.
  • Communication has been improved with the Membership with regular emails, newsletters and entries on our web site
  • We now have a Facebook presence
  • A DVD has been produced both to advertise the club and to standardize our presentation to new members during Orientation.
  • The 2016 Christmas Dinner was very pleasant with a good turnout and some lucky people went home with an extra Christmas present, we also had a very nice Game Dinner in April with some good prizes and good fellowship.
  • The Rule Book has been brought up to date and our Constitution and changes have been filed with the BC Registry
  • The membership portfolio has been completely reworked and brought up to date.
  • More range time has been allotted to the casual shooter while still maintaining time for the sub clubs and competitions on the various outdoor ranges.
  • Our major competitions – IDPA, Steel & TAC Rifle are doing well and bringing in considerable revenue for club use.
  • We have new steel targets out for our shooters to enjoy both on the Rifle Range and a dedicated steel range in the Pistol Bays.
  • We have put outdoor ashtrays out on all the ranges and by the door to the clubhouse.  Please use them , particularly during this dry spell.
  • lastly but possibly most importantly: the the long delayed Club Renovation is underway. We will be starting work in October and probably finishing around March.
The dues next year will be the same or cheaper than this year and the Twoonie Box has been eliminated, a big saving for the regular shooter.
We hope to continue this work in the forthcoming year.
The AGM is September 13th at 1900 hrs  (7:00 pm).  Please come out and vote!!
Hope to see you there!!!!
Nicholas Bolton
(President CF&GPA)