The Board of Directors and I are pleased to report that the Clubhouse renovation is officially complete.  The range has been inspected  by the FVRD and we now have our full occupancy permit. The range log showed that the indoor range was last used on Feb 6th 2018; it’s first use after completion was Feb 18th 2019.  Our Reno took one year and two weeks!

The Renovation Committee has been stood down. I thank them for their hard work.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that made donations or gave of their time and made this renovation a success.

As promised the Lobby will be opened soon for our members to use the restrooms, get warm, have a coffee, sit and chat for a while.
The official first shot in the new range was fired by our 1st VP Andy Gebert:

It was a dark and stormy night…
When a group of 5 intrepid shooters set out to use the indoor range on Tuesday evening…

There have been some changes to the layout of the range.  A new ventilation system has been installed, and let me tell you: when those fans are on you better hold onto your hats!!  We have painted, reinforced and fireproofed the ceiling and put new heating in the waiting area.

We have to put up some plastic edging (on order ) and will install a new door (on order) behind the firing line.  This does not stop the range from being used.

Please check the calendar to see when the indoor is open for structured activities.  In general, Monday during the day hosts Senior smallbore, Junior 22 shoots Monday nights during the school year, Tuesday night is Standard Pistol, Wednesday is IDPA (subject to SO availability), and Thursdays is archery!

It seems timely to mention a few other changes we have made to make our rapidly growing Association more efficient:

Paul Dulong has contracted to manage membership.  He handles the majority of registration, online membership issues and questions . He can be contacted at

Secondly, Shannon is now contracted as our groundskeeper, hall monitor and most importantly on-scene contact for our Members.  Should you have an issue at the range (for example: FOB not working, basic questions about membership, hall rentals, range use, etc.) please do not be shy about making contact with Shannon at her trailer, particularly if it is a range issue that requires urgent handling.  Shannon has a ‘hotline’ to myself and other Board members should they be needed and the issue will be dealt with more quickly than by sending an email.  Remember: Shannon is your first resource at our Club.

Nicholas Bolton, President, CFGPA