Our renovation is proceeding , we have been held up by a number of regulatory hurdles but now things are moving along nicely.
In regard to our renovation project we have some excellent news The CFGPA has been awarded a grant of $248,364 by the Community Gaming Grants Commission  of the Provincial Government .  This grant is very welcome news and will assist greatly with our renovation. The renovations are extensive and expensive, they include the bathrooms, kitchen, hall, disability access, asbestos abatement, energy efficiency, plumbing and electrical upgrades. The proposed renovations will upgrade the current building to preserve and enhance it’s usability for many decades to come.  

These much need renovations will create a revitalized Community Clubhouse that is safe for use by the many groups and organizations who access our facilities; the Fraser Valley Regional District, the Chilliwack River Valley Ratepayers Association, Royal Canadian Army Cadets Corps, the Chilliwack Fire River Valley Department, as well as for CF&G members and their families. It is important to us that the Membership has improved access to our Clubhouse and as first steps we will be making the bathrooms available and organizing an area to sit, talk, relax and have a cold pop or hot coffee (depending on the season).

The grant was awarded to us based upon the impact the Club has on the community.  As many of you know our club is a Charitable organization and we assist many groups and organizations.  We also act as the de facto community hall for the FVRD and Ratepayers Association. We are also the gathering point (Emergency Operations Reception Centre) in event of an emergency or disaster in the Valley.  A number of youth groups, cadets , scouts etc use the property for camping and to learn the safe operation of firearms.  We support conservation efforts both with fish and with wildlife and the maintenance and improvements of the environment with such groups as the Chilliwack River Clean Up crew and BC Rivers Day.
This grant has shown how important it is to be engaged with our neighbours and with the community, we have shown that we are more than “just a gun club”.
Our thanks to the Community Gaming Grants Commission and all those organizations that provided us with letters of support.
On a more personal level on behalf of the Club and Board of Directors I wish to thank and compliment Director Sharon Gregson whose hard work, backed by Treasurer Tyler Turner, made this grant possible.
Nicholas Bolton
(President CFGPA)