We are having a General Membership Meeting at 1900 on 2017-07-19.  Two motions are up for consideration:
Motion 1:
Whereas the bylaws concerning membership do reflect the current practice at CFGPA, the bylaws be amended to be comprised of the following membership categories:
a.  Regular membership as per the current wording
b.  Family  membership to include primary member, spouse and unlimited number of children under 19 years of age.
c.  Junior membership for anybody under 19 years of age not covered by a family membership.
d.  Senior membership for anybody 65 or older.
e.  Senior couple, as per (d) above plus spouse.
f.  Honorary as per the current wording.
g. Life membership as per current wording with an amendment to include an honorary member’s spouse.  This membership can only be conferred on an individual, and cannot be purchased.
Actual technical changes as follows:
All initial references to “member” in paragraph 2.02 and in all of it’s sub paragraphs will be changed to “membership” .
Paragraph 2.02(b) deleted and replaced with “Family membership will consist of both spouses as well as all children under the age of 19.  Both spouses but not children will be entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at any general meeting of the Society;
Paragraph 2.02(c) will be changed to include the following addition “Honorary Membership will consist of any persons and their spouses……..
The following will be added:
2.02(f) Senior membership which is identical to privileges of a regular member articulated in 2.02(a) but will be offered at a reduced fee to persons 65 years of age and older;
2.02(g) Senior couple membership which is as 2.02(f) but includes the spouse of the senior who will also beentitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at any general meeting of the Society.
Motion 2:
The current Board of Directors made it a priority to complete the mandate, given to previous Boards by the membership, to complete the clubhouse renovations.  This project was a approved over 10 years ago and significant amounts of money has been spent on planning, but CFGPA has failed to make any measurable progress.  The current Board took the inherited plans and related information and attempted to move the project forward.  To this end, the Board received approval to get a mortgage of up to $500k for the project with the understanding the total cost for renovations would not exceed $750k at the General Membership Meeting held 2016-11-09.  While exercising financial due diligence, the Board subsequently realized that given changes to codes, inaccurate building quotes, etc. the design as it stood would actually cost as much as $1.2 million.
This, of course, was not feasible so the Board sought a different design based on the current clubhouse footprint and keeping of the actual requirements of the CFGPA.  After working with architects and contractors, soft quotes have the project coming in at $650k; $150k less than the original inaccurate estimate of the original design, and $550k less than the actual cost of such.  As a result, the Board would like to move forward in this direction and is seeking support of the membership to proceed.  Therefore the following motion will be introduced at the meeting of July 19th.
The Motion reads as follows:
“Whereas the original clubhouse design approved a number of years ago is no longer necessary to meet the requirements of CFGPA, and this design would cost approximately $1.2 million to complete, it is moved that CFGPA proceed with renovations in accordance to a plan that would see the work completed within the current clubhouse footprint (attached).  Previous authorization for a mortgage up to $500k would remain in place with the total cost of renovations not to exceed $650k”