The steel range in Bay 5 has sustained significant damage repeatedly.  It appears as though people may have forgot about the calibre restrictions.
The Board was faced with a decision between removing the steel, or making changes to ensure it is continues to operate efficiently and safely.  As such, the Board has banned the use of all rifles, carbines and pistol calibre carbines on Bay 5.  This includes rimfires, as it is difficult to distinguish using the cameras.
Rimfire and pistol calibre carbines may be used during organized events as qualified RSOs will ensure only appropriate firearms are used.
This is regrettable, but we hope this will allow the continued use of reactive steel targets on Bay 5.
Please ensure that only pistols are used on the steel in Bay 5.  As a reminder, no magnum loads, no steel core and no 7.62x25mm Tokarev may be used on Bay 5.