The Board modified the rules around impairment, removal of brass and organic targets.  Please review and heed the following changes:
2.3 The possession and/or consumption of substances, including prescriptions, that can cause impairment is prohibited.  Individuals under the effect of such substances must not handle firearms and are subject to having their membership suspended pending review by the Board.
7.13 Shooters are only allowed to remove their own empty casings from the range.  All other empty casings are the property of the club and its removal will be considered theft and dealt with accordingly. 

Entire buckets are being emptied including .22 LR  which makes it look like they are being sold for scrap.  Brass is sold and used to support Association activities.

10.6 Because of the tremendous mess they create and their potential to attract unwanted animals, targets like pumpkins and other fruits/vegetables are not permitted.
There appears to be an increase in the use of this type of “target” and people are not clearing up properly afterwards.  We also appear to have been visited by bears which were probably attracted by the smell, this sets up a potential confrontation on the range between bear and shooter which cannot end well.