As we know, our Association is growing rapidly, and administration is increasingly complex.  We are migrating to using Membee, an online membership management suite based out of Calgary.  They manage membership for many large organizations internationally, and Abbotsford Fish and Game have had a great experience since signing on with them a few years back.
By now you’ve probably received an email from telling you of the action you need to take to set up your account in Membee.  Please do so as soon as you can, so we may work out any bugs that come up.  Renewal notices will be automatically sent to members on Nov 15 or so, and can be paid online.  NOTE: Your web browser may warn you the site is not secure.  We are upgrading the SSL certificate to ensure security, so please check back in a few hours if you see that message.  This should be corrected permanently by Friday, November 3rd.
Please note the types of membership have been streamlined as discussed at the General Membership Meetings last year: the cost of Senior and Family memberships have been reduced, student and handicapped memberships have been eliminated due to privacy concerns and difficulty of administration, and individual memberships have remained the same cost as the last few years.