New Archery Range at the CFGPA


New Archery

The CFGPA board is pleased to announce the opening of our new Archery Range.
Please familiarize yourself with our revised Archery Range rules HERE.
You must record your use in the book provided, as the card reader is not operational yet.
The sign-in book and the guest fee box are located in the archery hut.
The club has installed our 3-D targets and foam backers for general member use. Please do not move the targets.

Unfortunately, crossbows and broadheads are not allowed on the archery range. These items can be used on the rifle range and limited distance bays.

Thank you,
CF&GPA Board.

CFGPA Archery 2

CFGPA Archery 2

CFGPA Archery 1

CFGPA Archery 1

New Archery Rules

11.4.1  The general safety rules articulated in this document apply to archery. Eye and ear protection is not required on the archery range.

 11.4.2  Only longbows, recurve bows, or compound bows can be used. Crossbows are not permitted on the archery range. Broadheads are not permitted on the archery range.

 11.4.3  Check surroundings before drawing the bow to shoot. Tree limbs, low ceilings or other objects may obstruct the bow’s action, causing either an errant shot and/or injury. Only draw your bow if your arc of fire is clear.

 11.4.4  When aiming at a target, the loaded bow must travel from the ground up.

 11.4.5  All shots must be taken from the firing line unless participating in a club sanctioned event.