Hi all,
Not a surprise, but we’ve hit a few hiccups with the new system…  A change of this magnitude always requires some debugging!!!
We know there are issues with some Senior renewals going out incorrectly, and some pre-paid memberships were invoiced when they shouldn’t have.
Please don’t call as there is nothing Shannon can do: simply reply to the email with the incorrect information and explain what should have happened…  We’ll do our best to address it in the next few weeks.  Don’t panic: your FOB is still active until Jan 1st!!
If you didn’t receive an email invoice: please check your spam/promotion tab for an email from cfgpamem@telus.net.  If one isn’t there, please make sure you are on the email list by clicking http://eepurl.com/cidmTX
Please email cfgpamem@telus.net if you’re having issues, and please be patient…  we’re grinding our way through this, but it will be MUCH better once it’s running smoothly!