The Board took advantage of the range shutdown for the YOSC to complete upgrades of the Limited Distance Ranges (pistol bays).  Thanks to Bruce Forbes for giving the Association a great deal!
The Board also got in on a “Going out of Business Sale” to acquire several more AR500 steel targets.  Some of these are being placed on the Black Powder trail to replace those wantonly destroyed by centrefire rifle shooters on the 200m range, and some will be placed on the 200m range to supplement those already there.  PLEASE keep your shots on the 200m range between the white Xs , and review the steel shooting rules posted at the 200m (no steel core, etc.) to ensure these targets last.
We are also placing some steel at the newly renovated Bay 5.  Please note the following:

  • eye protection mandatory for shooters and observers
  • do not shoot forward of the table (closer than 10m)
  • pistol calibers only
  • no magnum calibers
  • no steel core/steel jacket

Sooner or later the weather will turn, and the foam backers suffer if left in the rain.  Please return them under cover when you are finished shooting.
Thanks for keeping your range in good order!