IDPA New Shooter Course April 4th, 2020

IDPA New Shooter Course April 4th, 2020

Course Purpose

To provide:

  • A basic introduction to the sport of IDPA.
  • Basic insight into the IDPA rules.
  • Provide practice in IDPA shooting skills.

After this course, a new shooter should feel comfortable in participating in IDPA competitions.

Course Requirement

You will require a handgun, holster and magazine pouches that meet the IDPA rule requirements. Rules can be downloaded at this site.  Please download and read the rule book prior to attending the class.

At least 200 rounds of ammunition.

At least three magazines for your handgun.

Belt and cover garment that meet the IDPA rule requirements.

Hearing and eye protection that meet CSA requirements.

The instructor will have spare equipment, firearms, and gear that you may borrow.  Contact in advance to arrange.

Shooters will be required to show basic handgun proficiency using a 9MM or larger handgun. At 10 yards you must hit 8 out of 10 rounds, shot 2 handed, slow fire into a 10-inch circle.

Pay the course fee:

  • $30 for CFGPA members
  • $40 for others.

Course Session

In the classroom, using a PowerPoint Presentation and various training aids, we will discuss and demonstrate the following subjects:

  • What is IDPA and the gear required?
  • Match procedures
  • Shooting techniques and holster use

After lunch we will have a practice session which will include:

  • Orientation to the range and its rules.
  • Equipment checks
  • Review and practice of range commands.
  • Grouping practice
  • Reload practice
  • Shooting techniques

A practice session will be conducted indoors.

The class starts at 9 AM and should be completed by 5 PM.

Bring snacks, lunch, and refreshments with you.

Course Registration

Contact Robert Paddon at or call at 778-960-1852.

Class size is limited to 10 students.