Hello CFGPA members Spring 2021

A Note From The President of the CFGPA March 7th 2021

Well, we are well into early spring now and things are growing like mad and so is the range use!! We have now passed our all-time high of members numbers in the club’s history. We are just over 1600 members now.
Our sections and disciplines have started on a very very limited basis. Basically, no more than 10 people allowed in the event at any one time, no spectators, and sanitary rules we have to follow, plus all regular Covid rules we are all still dealing with. Please watch the calendar on the website for when they are running and what areas are closed. If you want to join any of them the section head contact info is also on the website. Pre-registration for all of them is required.
Now the dreaded safety speech!!!
There is a constant issue with people not wearing eye and ear protection when it is active. Around 10-15 per week so far. It is getting better, but it still needs improvement. Shannon and other directors have and will continue to document people that are caught. If it happens more than a few times there will be disciplinary actions taken against the people frequently breaking this primary safety rule. Remember eyes cannot be replaced, and hearing loss is permanent.
We recently had to close a portion of the range permanently because of a major landslide. The black powder trail that ran behind the limited distance bays. It brought down a section of the hillside about 50’ wide and 200-300’ up plus trees and lots and lots of water and mud. Some may have seen the temporary ditch in bay 2. To help with the amount of water coming down. We had to have equipment go in and do major cleanup and deal with drainage issues.
No more foam blocks!!!! We recently installed rifle rests in the 200 us range. There is one 1 on each bench, and eventually new comfortable and adjustable stools at each bench as well. Please treat them as if they were your own.
Shannon is running monthly work parties one Wednesday and one Saturday every month. If you can volunteer a few hours it is greatly appreciated. Each time you come, your name is entered for a free membership that we draw at our AGM in the fall. Her email and contact info is on the website too. The more often you attend, the better your chances.
As usual, if you have any concerns or comments, good or bad please feel free to contact me or any director.
Jason Couture
President, CFGPA


Cheers Jason