As you know, the Government used an Order in Council to ban 1500 firearms on May 1st.  This ban included every variety of AR-15, AR-10, M305, M1A, Mini14, Vz58, XCR, Swiss Arms, Beretta Storm and others.  Find more info HERE  and HERE.

There is some debate whether or not 10 and 12 gauge shotguns are now prohibited as they may have bores greater than 20mm.  More on this is available HERE.

The RCMP has subsequently banned several previously firearms through changes to the FRT.  This has included many firearms previously inspected by the lab and declared non-restricted.  More info is available HERE.

A number of individuals have launched legal challenges, some with the support of the gun advocacy organizations.  All are collecting funds.   Links have been added to the News section.

Many Clubs have donated funds, but the CFGPA is prevented from doing so due to our charitable status.  That said, we STRONGLY encourage members to donate if they can and wish to do so.  The Dynamic Sport Shooting BC Association has donated a significant sum and has joined the lawsuit of John Hipwell.  The Board encourages you to join the firearms advocacy groups and firearms news groups in Canada:

The Board of the CFGPA has been active in lobbying Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly to support our members and sport shooting.  MP Mark Strahl has been very supportive.  Board members have also participated in online meetings with Senator Yonah Martin.  The Board STRONGLY encourages you to write your MP to express your outrage at the OIC.

We will lose our way of life if we don’t stand up for it now!