One of our members, Cassandra Oosterhof, is asking for our support to help her make it to the semi-finals in the Extreme Huntress Competition. Cassandra needs us to vote for her to help her make it to one of the top six positions in order to make it to the finals. Following is a small biography from Cassandra as well as voting instructions:
My name is Cassandra Oosterhof and I am from Chilliwack. I have been selected as a semi-finalist in the Extreme Huntress Competition. It is a world wide competition challenging outdoor woman to be the most extreme huntress while at the same time encouraging and being a role model to women who are just getting into hunting. My goal is to reach people to let them know that hunting is a very healthy rewarding lifestyle to live, as you get the adrenaline from the hunt, your work hard and provide organic healthy food as well as spend quality time with loved ones out in the field, as well as build a connection to nature and the outdoors.
The Semi-finalists for the competition are now trying to obtain votes by June 1st, to make the top 6 to compete in a series of skills challenges down in Texas on a hunting ranch. I am hoping that I can be in that top 6 and represent the Fraser Valley, BC and Canada in the final. Can you please support me and stand behind me in this competition by spreading the word to other members and posting it on any pages that you may have.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me, my phone number in 604-798-4859. To vote and see my profile please go to
How to vote:
1. Go to the website:
2. Scroll down the home page till you see the white VOTE button and click it.
3. On the vote page scroll down until you see my name, Cassandra Oosterhof
4. Enter your email address in the box above the green vote button
5. Click the green VOTE button
6. Once you have clicked the green vote button a small link will pop up that says
“send confirmation email” click this
7. Open up your email and open the email from Extreme Huntress and click on the blue link that
says “Please click here to confirm your vote”
It Only accepts one vote per email address.
Thanks so much for showing your support by voting!!