Bill C-71 passed the House of Commons and is now being studied in the Senate.  Some estimate it will be passed into law by December 5th, 2018.
Minister Bill Blair has been charged with conducting “consultations” on a handgun and “assault rifle ban”, and Senator Yue Yung Zhang has issued written responses including the statement: “As for the prohibition on certain semi-automatic weapons (with the exception of those who have vested rights), to this day no one has demonstrated to me the usefulness of possessing such weapons.”
Those who wish to eliminate lawful firearms ownership are using erroneous information and public sentiment against gang violence in urban areas to generate support for draconian measures.  Study after study has demonstrated licensed firearms owners are amongst the safest Canadians, but the attacks continue.
You need to get involved if you wish to continue to own firearms for collecting, sport shooting, or even hunting.
Please take a few minutes to review the images  below and take what action you see fit.