Classic Battle Rifle Match 2022-04-02

  • The club requires that we do registration for all matches on Practiscore.
  • This is the link Classic Battle Rifle April 2, 2022 Registration | PractiScore
  • Match fee payments will be made on Practiscore.
  • Cost is $20 for CFGPA members and $30 for others. You will have to tick two of the boxes to pay

    the $30 fee. Match timing:

  • The match is limited to 40 shooters.
  • If you are NOT feeling well the day of the match with possible Covid symptoms, please do NOT

    come to the match. Please call me at 778-960-1852 to discuss.

  • I will be at the range for setup at 8 AM.
  • Safety briefings will be at 9 AM. You must attend to be able to shoot.
  • First-round down range 915 AM

    This match will combine stages from the CQB and TAC Rifle matches. You can use any military issue centre fire rifles with Iron Sights ONLY, and 5.56 mm or larger calibre. Do not bother bringing all that tactical gear. A belt with a pouch will do simply fine or wear cargo pants or a jacket with big pockets.

    The Firearm ammunition limit is as follows:

  • Bolt Action – 10 rounds
  • Lever Action – 6 rounds
  • Semi-auto – 5 rounds or legal 10 round magazines e.g., AIA magazine in M14.
  • M1 Garand 8 round limit

    You can change magazines or load with stripper clips. I will have stripper clips for Lee Enfield, SKS rifles you can borrow.

    Steel Core ammunition is allowed. BRING soft-pointed ammo for shooting the few steel targets. I will have spare soft-pointed 7.62 x 39 ammo that you can get off me.

    You do not need a CASE qualification to shoot. Shooting divisions will be as follows:

  • Bolt action
  • Lever Action
  • Semi-Auto


Scoring as follows:

  • We will use the IDPA target. Scoring will be as per the IDPA rule book. If these targets are not available, we will use the USPSA target and will score them the same as the IDPA target.
  • We will also use 10-inch round targets with a four-inch square installed in them. Inside the 4- inch square is zero point, outside the 4-inch square is down 1 point.
  • The lowest score wins. If there is a tie, then stage 7 timing will determine the winner.
  • If extra hits are on target, you will drop the least scoring hit then the higher score hit until you

    have met the required number of hits.

  • Procedural errors = 5 seconds
  • All stages will be limited scoring e.g., no extra rounds.

    Commands as follows:

  • Range going hot, eyes and ears.
  • Loading instructions
  • Stage instructions
  • Look out, look out. Fire on the whistle.
  • Cease fire, unload, and prepare for inspection.
  • Line is safe return your firearms to the rack and change targets.
  • Bolt and lever action firearms will leave the action open. Semi-automatics will have a closed

    action with a safety flag installed. I will bring spare safety flags.

    Course of fire

    Stages 1 to 6 will be done as a group activity under a prescribed time limit. Stage 7 will be done as an individual activity under the timer. Round count is 78.

    Shooters will be broken into groups of two. While you shoot, your partner will be your safety officer and vice versa.

    Targets will be pulled and taken back to be scored. Patch and keep your targets for the next stage.

    Stage 1 “Ten x Fifteen”

    You will have 10 minutes to shoot 15 rounds from the bench position. First two targets will be 100 yards. Shoot 5 rounds at the left IDPA target. Shoot five rounds at the right target, 10-inch white circle with a four-inch square. Second target distance will be 200 yards. Shoot 5 rounds at either the IDPA or USPSA target.

    Only on this stage, with the 10-inch white circle targets only hits within the four-inch square will count e.g., they are head shots.

    Round count 15


Stage 2 “Two x Five”

You will have two minutes in total to shoot five rounds from each shooting position (standing and kneeling). Starting in the low ready position, on signal adopt the standing position and engage your target. Reload and adopt the kneeling position and engage your target. Target distance will be 100 yards.

Round count 10

Stage 3 “Advance to Contact”

This stage will have three strings.

Each shooter will have a safety officer with them. Shooters will load but NOT chamber a round. They will run with the firearm in the trail arms position, safety on. If they cannot close the action without chambering a round, they will load once they are at position.

String 1, fire five rounds standing. Time limit 1 minute.

String 2, on signal advance 20 yards and adopt the standing position and fire five rounds. Time limit is 1 minute. Once completed shooters will unload their firearms and return to start position keeping their muzzle vertical. This string will be repeated twice.

Target distance is 100 yards.

Round count 15 rounds

Stage 4 “Snap Shooting”

Starting at the low ready, on signal, adopt the standing position and fire one round into the left and one round into the right target within 10 seconds. You will fire five strings. Target distance is 100 yards.

For those with five round magazines, it is recommended you load the magazine with 4 – 4 – 2. Time will be given for reloading.

Round count 10 rounds

Stage 5 “Double Snap shooting”

Starting at the low ready, on signal, adopt the kneeling position and fire two rounds left target and two rounds at the right target within 25 seconds. There will be two strings. You may reload between strings. Target distance is 100 yards.

Round count 8 rounds


Stage 6 “Rapid Fire”

There will be one target containing two 10-inch circle targets on them.

Starting at the low ready, on signal, adopt the standing position and engage one 10-inch circle target with five rounds. Reload and adopt the kneeling position and engage the other 10-inch circle with five rounds.

You will have 40 seconds to engage both targets and reload your firearm. Target distance is 100 yards. Shots outside the 10-inch circle count as down 3 points.

Round count 10 rounds.

Stage 7 “Steel”

This stage will be shot individually on the timer. There will be three steel targets at 150 yards and three steel targets at 200 yards. On the signal you will have a maximum of 1 minute to shoot each steel target once. You will be shooting from the bench shooting position. Shooting supports e.g., rest, bipod, sandbags, etc. are allowed for this stage.

Maximum rounds allowed 10.