CFGPA New 2020 Shooters Basic Handgun Familiarization Course

Hello members! The Chilliwack Fish and Game Protective Association (CFGPA) now offers a New Shooters Basic Handgun Familiarization Course. This is not a mandatory course and is geared to all new firearms owners who want to know basic handgun handling skills as well as proper handgun and range etiquette. It is also a perfect refresher for handgun shooters who are returning to the sport after a long break.

What will you learn?

  • the how, why and what about your new handgun including maintenance.
  • proper gear and safety equipment that each shooter should have ie. eye and ear protection.
  • Cooper’s 4 Rules
  • equipment and gear discussion
  • how to consciously apply safety rules to handgun handling ie sweeping…
  • proper technique for drawing and re-holstering a handgun.
  • proper technique for loading and safely unloading a handgun.
  • understanding proper sight picture, grip and trigger actuation.
  • malfunction clearance including Type 1-3.
  • how to safely uncase and re-case a firearm.
  • actual live fire practice.
  • rules pertaining to handgun use at CFGPA as well as Club activities where you may enjoy your handguns.
  • provide options of other club affiliated instructors if you wish to pursue more advanced training.

Where is it held?

  • at the main Clubhouse and one of the Pistol Ranges.

What do I need to bring?

  • your personal handgun in its gun case.
  • dummy rounds ( You can purchase these for your specific caliber at any firearms store). Dummy rounds are perfect for practice and should be part of any gun owner’s kit.
  • if interested and available, bring your holster, a proper gun belt and magazine holder.     ( This is not mandatory and only for those interested in using a holster at the range)
  • 200 rounds of ammunition for your own handgun.
  • proper attire.
  • notepaper and pen.
  • eye and ear protection discussion, especially if you want to shoot after the course!
  • a good attitude and desire to learn.
  • DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMUNITION into the hall! Please leave any live ammunition in your vehicle until we ask you to bring it for the live fire portion of the course. This will be strictly enforced!
  • a light lunch or snack.

What is the cost and time?

  • the sessions ( including range time) will be around 5-6 hours depending on participation and interest.
  • $25 for each participant. Cash or cheque payable to CFGPA will be accepted on the day of the course.
  • Coffee and water will be provided.

When is the course held?

  • there will be one course a month scheduled except for August. The courses will be on a Saturday and run from 9 am-3 pm. Please check the Club email newsletter,  CFGPA Facebook page or contact Shannon, the groundskeeper, for the next available course. No handgun, ammunition or equipment will be provided by the Club unless prior arrangements are made. You must use your own firearm and gear.

How many people will be at the course?

  • a maximum of 10 people per course to allow time for individual attention and questions.

Is this an official recognized course?

  • the skills you will learn will be applicable to all disciplines of handgun sports throughout Canada. However, this is a Club sanctioned event and will not be recognized as an official qualification in National events. This is designed as a basic handgun course for you to be familiar/ confident with the handgun sports and to enhance your safety and enjoyment of the hobby.

How do I sign up?