The Association historically held a game dinner where members would share their harvest from the previous Fall.  Health Authority regulations have prohibited the service of wild game in certified kitchens (like ours).  The organizers replaced this with commercial elk, venison, etc. but this is a VERY expensive option.  We also had had a lot a prizes gathered and distributed in an effort to raise funds.  Over the years, attendance has flagged, and the funds raised are not worth all the effort.

The Board would like to host an annual membership dinner in the spirit of fellowship, but would like to assess the potential level of participation in such an event.  It would likely occur in May, and we are envisioning a pig roast supplemented with a Prime Rib or the like.  Tickets are likely in the $25 range to cover costs.  There would be some door prizes, but certainly not as many as in previous years.

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