Hi all,
A full report is forthcoming, but people were asking about results.
I’d like to thank the 67 members who were able to attend yesterday, and I’d like to congratulate the 2017-18 Board:

President: Nick Bolton
1st VP: Andy Gebert
2nd VP: Mark Huang
Treasurer: Tyler Turner
Recording Secretary: Paul Ballard
Communication Secretary: Morgan Andreassen
1 Year Directors: Paul Dulong, Sharon Elizabeth Gregson, Sieg Lau, Connie Saunders, Terry King,
2 Year Directors: Bruce Forbes, Kevin Kooistra, Vince Leblanc, Bruce Matthews, Shannon Sutton.
The Board looks forward to delivering on the renovation and continuing the excellent work of the CFGPA!
PS: astute observers will note Mr. Gebert was unable to attend, and Mr. King cunningly hid behind Nick!  We’ll get their photos next time!