A Note From The President of the CFGPA March 7th 2021


Hello, fellow CFGPA members,

I’m Jason Couture, your club President. The first thing I’d like to say to everyone is I have some very big shoes to fill following Nick Bolton as president. He did an amazing job in his 5 years as president, bringing the club to where it is.

As everyone knows, COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of our lives. When it first appeared we reacted as the major ranges in the Lower Mainland did. But as time went on we were able to slowly open up and relax many of the restrictions that we had to deal with. At this point, it is almost business as usual, with only minor changes. None of our sections are running and we cannot hold events until the PHO allows us to. Our rifle range is limited to 7 benches, and 4 people only in each limited distance bay. All of the rules are listed on the website and on social media.

The last 7 months have been been very busy for the board of directors. We have had to implement new CFO range regulations, brought a new online membership system in, had a new FOB/security system installed, and a new system for target backers on all the ranges. There have been a few minor growing pains, but they are all running smoothly for the most part. We went with a new fob system so that it will be easier for us to track member usage of the range on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will help us with determining what projects will have the most benefit to our growing membership.

Our calendar now only lists when any part of the range is closed. If it is not listed, that means it’s open for member use. We do have to close some parts on an irregular basis for maintenance or repairs, so please check it before heading out.

The grounds have been having a major clean up of brush and dead staining trees that have had to be removed. Shannon along with a few key members volunteering have done an amazing job doing this. If you see her, please thank her. She’s doing an amazing job. Anyone wishing to volunteer please contact her. Her email address is on the website. As normal, each time you volunteer, your name is put in the draw at our AGM for a free year membership.

We have been having some minor and a few major range infractions happening of late. Mostly members not wearing eye protection, eye and ear protection is required on all ranges when the range is active. We will be strictly enforcing this now. The major infractions have been, shooting before 9 am and after the range is closed, shooting in the steel bay in front of and advancing to the steel targets, and purposely having rounds shot above the berms.

The majority of the club rules are standard safety rules and regulations imposed by the CFO for our range approval.  Please be sure to always swipe in at the range gate with your fob even if you are with someone else or the gate is open.  We are not allowing shotguns in the limited distance bays temporarily as the target backers are being destroyed when shot at. The cost to make them and the materials have skyrocketed in the last 6months. There is not much worse than a new $6 backer put out and it’s wrecked in less than a day. Please do not use shotguns in the bays. They are allowed to be used on the rifle range.

We prefer to address these from an educational point of view. Unfortunately, it came down to a few members being suspended for the major ones. Please make sure you’ve read and understand the range rules. They are on the club website and posted in the hall. While using the range, please only use one bay at a time. We don’t allow people to “save one” for later on. Or if you move to the rifle range, remove your gear from the bay and take it with you. We have been busy lately and want to let as many members use the facility as possible.

Members are allowed to bring a maximum of  2 guests per membership. The guest envelope and fee must be paid at the guest hut. Please keep the receipt. If you cannot provide one when asked for it, the guests will have to leave. We do not give change or accept IOU’s.

As some already know, with our new CFO range approvals, the only steel allowed on the range has to be club supplied. Sadly many of us invested a lot into our own steel targets and cannot bring them anymore. To deal with this setback, The board approved, purchased and installed new steel targets in Bay 5,  and just recently on the 200m range. There are 3 targets set at 150yds and 3 at 200yds. So far they are working great and should hold up for a long while.

If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any other director with it. Our contact info is listed on the website.

Jason Couture