Game Dinner
The Annual Game Dinner was held on April 8th, and 120 of us sat down to dine on an excellent meal prepared by our Chef Shannon Sutton.
All I spoke to at the hall had a good time and there were some first rate draw prizes donated by local businesses.  If you won one don’t forget to contact the business and say thanks and where you won it.
In attendance was Club Member Patti MacAhonic, a candidate in the present election race.
Arranging a dinner such as this is no easy task I would like to recognize those that made is possible:  Bruce Mathews who ramrodded the outfit,  Shannon for her cooking and collection of donations (and keeping us on track), Paul Dulong, Brian Radke and Dave Farmer who worked the bar, Mr & Mrs Sutton at the carving table, Melvin at the BBQ and those others who pitched in to make things go smoothly.