Robert Paddon has developed two shooting courses for the club:

  1. Basic Handgun Shooting Course (BHSC)
  2. IDPA New Shooters Course

The purpose of the BHSC is to take someone who has completed the Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course and want to learn how to shoot with some more classroom instruction and coaching while actually shooting.  He ran the Pilot for the course on April 29.   He hs made some refinement to the course material and hopes to open this course up for club members in July/August.  Cost, dates and timing to be announced later.
The IDPA New Shooter Course purpose is to take someone who has basic shooting skill and teach them how to shoot International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches.  He ran the pilot for this on March 25, and response to this course has been great.  Our first student course was run on May 6 with 10 students graduating; thanks to Willy and Christine for their help with the practical portion.   Another course was run on May 27 with five students.  Robert has 13 people on the wait list for the next course, planned sometime in August.  If you are interested email and he will put you on the wait list.