.22 Rifle (Senior)

CFGPA hosts .22 Rifle in the Senior (adult) category.

Several factors make Rimfire Challenge appropriate for the beginner. First is the caliber―.22LR:  minimal report and non-existent recoil make it ideal for shooters just starting out. The small, unjacketed lead bullets offer near-zero prospect of backsplash from the steel targets.


  • Shooting distance is manageably close, from 7 to 20 yards for handguns and 35 yards for rifles.
  • Steel targets offer the instant gratification of a rewarding ring when struck.
  • Shooting from the ready position (or with revolvers laid on a table for the Cowboy/Cowgirl class) precludes the potential safety concerns of a newbie drawing from the holster in a timed event. Same goes for not including any magazine changes or shooter movement during firing stages.
  • Shooting Rimfire Challenge is comparatively cheap. Precision firearms are not necessary to be competitive at short distances, nor is expensive match grade ammo. No costly spotting scopes or specialized equipment is needed, just eye and ear protection and a range bag.

Rimfire rifle shooting from the bench, is popular with older shooters who “can’t get into position anymore,” as well as being another safe and inviting way to get new shooters interested.