🚨 Epic Announcement: Shotguns Now Allowed in Bays 3 and 4! 🚨

Hello CFGPA Members,

We have exciting news! 🎉 Starting January 8th, 2024, shotguns will be allowed in Bays 3 and 4 of our limited distance bays. This is a six-month trial run, so let’s make the most of it and show that we can follow the rules and keep our range clean. 🧹

Why This is Big: For the first time, we’re expanding our range capabilities to include shotguns in these bays. This trial will determine if we can make this a permanent change. So, it’s up to all of us to ensure this opportunity continues. 👍

New Rules to Follow:

  1. Shotguns Allowed: You can now fire shotguns in Limited Distance Bays 3 and 4. 🎯
  2. Bring Your Own Stands: Members must bring their own target stands. Wood only, no metal or plastic. 🪵
  3. Protect Our Equipment: No shooting CFGPA target backers or stands with shotguns. 🚫
  4. Clean Up: All wads, hulls, and any mess from shotguns must be cleaned up by the member. 🗑️
  5. Follow the Rules: Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate suspension of membership. ⚠️

Important Reminders:

  • Clean Up: Make sure to pick up all your mess, including wads and hulls.
  • Bring Your Own Backers: You must bring your own wood target backers.
  • Impact the Rear Berm: All shots must impact the rear berm to ensure safety.

These rules will be posted online and in Bays 3 and 4. Remember, Bays 1 and 2 remain no-shotgun zones. 🔒

Let’s keep our range safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone. Your cooperation is crucial in making this trial a success.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to our club’s rules.